Something that challenges me is living a healthy lifestyle. I struggle with many different health problems so that intervenes with living a good, healthy lifestyle. Also, I often find i don’t have enough motivation. I hate winter a lot so I try to never go outside. The cold bothers me and flares up my eczema. In the warmer seasons, I enjoy going for walks but I’m unable to jog or run. I have breathing problems that are really bad. I can’t even run a block without practically dying. The doctors have no clue what’s wrong with me so I have no solution. I’m also “double jointed” in my hips and sometimes I have very strong pains in them. This makes it difficult to stay active. Food wise, I struggle with keeping a healthy diet. I work at a restaurant that mostly has deep fried foods and pizza. Every time I work, I get a free supper. This makes is very hard to stay away from fattening foods. I could bring in my own supper but who would want to do that when there’s delicious foods that I smell my whole shift. When I’m at home, I do like to eat healthy things such as fruit. I eat healthy, homemade suppers. I try hard to keep a healthy diet at my home but I tend to sit around, watch Netflix and junk out late at night. Another thing I struggle with is getting enough sleep. I often cannot fall asleep before midnight and then I can’t wake up on time in the morning. Therefore, I find healthy living a huge struggle but try to work on it day by day.


Abortions are not an abomination.

Natashia Marszowski

May 15th 2014



Abortions are not a terrible thing in today’s society. Many people get unwanted pregnancy and want to terminate it. Some

people get pregnant in their teens so they’re not ready too raise a child. Also rape, sadly, is a very common thing in today’s day and

age. Lots of people get pregnant from rape and shouldn’t have to have a constant reminder of what happened and it creates a hard

life for both the mother and the child. Often, people just aren’t prepared to have a child or do not have a good environment to raise

someone in. There is a big debate on if abortion is a terrible or a good thing. For lots of people it’s a great option and a better



Teenagers are not ready to have children. Most teens are still in high school so they have no money and no time to raise a

baby. If they were to choose to keep the child then they would most likely have to drop out of school, but there aren’t good jobs for

people without diplomas and you can’t get into most colleges without one either. Plus, society will judge the mother/teen couple

who are pregnant. They’re not mature or ready, and their bodies can not handle having another living being in them. Some teens

have a bad life style full of drugs and alcohol. Abortion is a good option for them because they most likely wouldn’t be able to

provide a good life for themselves or their child.


In today’s society, rape is pretty common and can lead to unwanted pregnancy. It’s hard enough going through what they’ve

went through, but having a constant reminder of what happened would be painful. Could you imagine something so terrible

happening to you then having a reminder every day? Think about the conversation you and the child would have in the future.

Instead of the continuous pain of the thought of what happened to you, you would rather having an abortion and moving on in

your life, wouldn’t you? It would make life easier and happier. You wouldn’t have to put an innocent child or yourself through all of

that pain.


Many adults just aren’t prepared to have another persons life in their hands. Unfit and unstable parents should have the option

to terminate a pregnancy. In many situations adults have trouble with money, support and living situations. Trying to support

yourself is hard enough as is, trying to support someone else would be very difficult. Also, being a single parent is hard. Raising a

child on your own is challenging and stressful. Some people just aren’t ready.


Abortions are not an abomination. It helps many people and prevents a child from growing up to have a difficult life. Teenage

pregnancy makes it hard to have and raise a child, they just aren’t ready yet. People who have been raped shouldn’t be judged for

not wanting a reminder of what happened to them. Some adults just aren’t prepared or don’t have a good environment and feel that

they can’t provide a good life for the kid. Lots of people today are against abortions but in reality, abortion is a good thing. It’s

better for several reasons in some people’s lives. Next time you hate on abortions, consider what I just said.


Youtube Review

Miley Cyrus’ music video for her song “Wrecking Ball” is amazing. It’s inspiring, energetic and emotional. Many people hate on it because it has some nudity but it has a meaning behind it. The song in general is great but the music video makes it that much better.

For the start of the video it shows Miley with tears streaming down her face and then she starts to sing. Then, it shows her sitting on the ground with a sledge hammer in her hand. It starts to switch in between scenes of her walking and sitting with the hammer and a close up of her face. As it gets into the more emotional part, the chorus, a wrecking ball comes in and starts to break walls down as she walks towards the screen. She starts to ride on the wrecking ball and it goes back and forth from scenes like that to close ups. As the video goes on, Miley is naked on the wrecking ball. It has a variety of different scenes throughout the video. It gets to a more calm point in the song and stays on the close up for a while and then suddenly the song erupts again and goes into walls being torn down by both Miley and the ball. It ends with her laying in the wreckage and the ball swinging into the screen to turn to blackness.

I see walls breaking and Miley’s emotion in this video. I don’t think this video is meant to be viewed by younger audiences but more for the older people like teenagers. The main idea was to show how hurt and angry Miley is and how she takes it out. The close up scenes really show her emotion and sadness. In these scenes, she’s looking at the camera with tear filled eyes and her hands at her face. Her anger shows by her taking the sledge hammer and breaking the walls down. For example, during the chorus, she breaks the walls down. Also her movements are rigid and rough while she dances.

In my opinion this is a great music video. I love the pain and feeling in it and I think it represents the song really well. Many people don’t like the nudity she shows but it’s for a reason. Her being bare represents her breakup with recent ex, Liam. Miley said herself, “I kiss the sledge hammer to show that I secretly still love the pain. I’m naked to show how Liam destroyed me, I emotionally become “naked and stripped” meaning I’m hurt on the inside. The wrecking ball symbolizes a destructive love.” People hate on Miley because of this video but they don’t realize the true meaning.

In conclusion, this is an awesome video. All the different emotions in this video is truly amazing. Although it’s a bit misleading to some people but if you know the real intentions then it’s great. I love the song and the video really does it justice.

~There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shore line, no matter how many times it is sent away~