Something that challenges me is living a healthy lifestyle. I struggle with many different health problems so that intervenes with living a good, healthy lifestyle. Also, I often find i don’t have enough motivation. I hate winter a lot so I try to never go outside. The cold bothers me and flares up my eczema. In the warmer seasons, I enjoy going for walks but I’m unable to jog or run. I have breathing problems that are really bad. I can’t even run a block without practically dying. The doctors have no clue what’s wrong with me so I have no solution. I’m also “double jointed” in my hips and sometimes I have very strong pains in them. This makes it difficult to stay active. Food wise, I struggle with keeping a healthy diet. I work at a restaurant that mostly has deep fried foods and pizza. Every time I work, I get a free supper. This makes is very hard to stay away from fattening foods. I could bring in my own supper but who would want to do that when there’s delicious foods that I smell my whole shift. When I’m at home, I do like to eat healthy things such as fruit. I eat healthy, homemade suppers. I try hard to keep a healthy diet at my home but I tend to sit around, watch Netflix and junk out late at night. Another thing I struggle with is getting enough sleep. I often cannot fall asleep before midnight and then I can’t wake up on time in the morning. Therefore, I find healthy living a huge struggle but try to work on it day by day.


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